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  • 31st Gibbs Conference on Biological Thermodynamics
    Jim’s finished his term as president of the Gibbs Society by opening the annual meeting with a skit, with help from a chorus (Vince Licata, Liskin Swint-Kruse and Sarah Bondos) and great writing by his daughter (Hannah Cole).   A video can be found in Jim’s section on the People page of this website.

Recent Publications

Pindrus, M.A., Cole, J.L., Kaur, J., Shire, S.J., Yadav, S. and Kalonia, D.S. (2017) Effect of aggregation on the hydrodynamic properties of bovine serum albumin. Pharm. Res., in press.

Mayo, C.B. and Cole, J.L. (2017) Interaction of PKR with single-stranded RNA. Sci Rep. 7, 3335. 

Mayo, C.B., Wong, C.J., Lopez P.E., Lary, J.W. and  Cole, J.L. (2016) Activation of PKR by short stem-loop RNAs containing single-stranded arms. RNA 22, 1065-1075. doi:10.1261/rna.053348.115.


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